AMSA Scotland was founded in 2018 by a group of passionate University of Glasgow (UoG) students. It was first introduced to the students in University of Glasgow by two students who credit transferred to UoG from AMSA Malaysia. After recruiting members, the same group of students form AMSA Glasgow by affiliating the club with the student council in University of Glasgow. Up till current, AMSA Scotland consists of three member universities – AMSA Glasgow, AMSA Edinburgh and AMSA Aberdeen.

Board Members

Elbert Edy (Elbert)

Regional Chairperson of Scotland

AMSA Scotland
Medical Student, University of Glasgow

Nicole Ashley Chia (Nicole)

University Representative

President of AMSA Glasgow
Medical student, University of Glasgow

Mei Yi Yee (Cheryl)

University Representative

President of AMSA Edinburgh
Medical student, University of Edinburgh

Louise Ngam (Louise)

University Representative

Vice President of AMSA Scotland
Medical Student, University of Glasgow

Dương Nguyễn (Dorota)

University Representative

President of AMSA Aberdeen
Medical Student, University of Glasgow

In partnership with AMSA INTERNATIONAL

We are proud to be affiliated with AMSA International, serving as observer member to the premier representative organisation for medical students across Asia, the Asia Pacific and beyond.

Vision and Mission

AMSA Scotland aims to be a platform between different Scottish universities and a network to universities elsewhere of the world. We aim to gather and share our knowledge and passion with all future doctors around the world by providing discussion and meeting platforms through national or international AMSA events. We also aim to become the bridge to build and maintain good relationship between our members and members around the world.


To share, improve and update oneself in the pursuit of clinical knowledge.


To unite medical students from around the world under the common interest of medicine.


To connect and engage with members, promoting a healthy and balanced life in this hectic course.


To bridge the gap between university learning and application in prospective medical careers.